Progression Project

In 2017 we celebrated the anniversary of Indian Independence with an ACE-funded project to develop Bollywood repertoire for brass and ensembles. The resulting music, which merges the British/Indian brass band traditions is specifically designed to enhance progression, from First Access/WCET to school bands, Hub ensembles and local Brass Bands. The music is available on our resources page as a free download.

Diversifying repertoire for young people across the UK

‘Independence 2017’ was a partnership with Slough Music Hub and Music for Bedford and Middleton Youth Band; see below for case study. Contact us now to book your Progression Project

Our aims are to:

  • Diversify brass repertoire
  • Promote brass playing and instrumental continuation
  • Give children the experience of playing with professional musicians
  • Engage parents by allow them to see children taking part in high quality performances.

Case Study – Music for Bedford Playing Day

Bedford Music Hub, one secondary and two primary schools, Bedford Town Band.

Bollywood Brass Band (BBB) delivered an interactive performance to 90 Year 7 children and a feeder primary school.

Performance and workshop by BBB:

  • Interactive performance to all participants: talking about Bollywood, describing the instruments and showing a Bollywood clip.
  • Workshop with First Access beginner brass: 70 children from Years 3 & 4 participated on trumpets, trombones and euphoniums; the children knew c 4 notes.
  • Pre-visit: children had been practising the three note version of Yeh Dosti (with backing track) with their brass teacher since a BBB pre-visit a few weeks earlier (by ear, no notation).

Evening concert
Separate performances from BBB, Bedford Town Band and from each First Access school group.

Finale: BBB and First Access groups played Chale Chalo together, BBB and Town Band played Rang de Basanti together, to finish all participants played Yeh Dosti together.

“It was a fantastic day. Thanks to you and to the band for all they did to enthuse and entertain the children.” David Rose, Head of Music Hub

‘I’ve never seen a real band before, in front of me!’ Year 4 participant

“I am emailing to give my congratulations to a fantastic performance that you did this week with my Lakeview School Year 3 Class. They absolutely enjoyed it and your solo performance was amazing.” Teacher

“Fab! What a great experience” Bedford Town Band member

Questionnaire to First Access children:
Would you like to carry on with your instrument next year?

Yes! 88%   Not really 5%   No 7%