Progression Project

Diversifying repertoire for young people across the UK

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a project grant from Arts Council England National Lottery Funding which will enable us to develop our collaboration, Carnatic Connection, with the virtuoso violinist and educator Jyotsna Srikanth.

The ‘Carnatic-Bollywood Progression Project’ will fund us to work in partnership with 11 music education hubs to support instrumental progression for young musicians. The project will include the creation of newly composed music by Jyotsna and BBB composers Sarha Moore and Kay Charlton, which will complement that on the EP ‘Carnatic Suite: A Day in Bangalore’, which was performed in WOMAD’s Siam tent in 2018. The work with hubs includes supporting the foundation of new secondary school fusion ensembles in Gravesham, Kent, a large scale composition/performance project with children in Ladywood, Birmingham and workshops and performances with beginner brass and string players in nine schools from hubs across West & South Yorkshire. New resources will provide fun versions of Carnatic repertoire with backing tracks for beginner brass/strings and intermediate ensembles and will join the existing free downloads on our resources page.

Projects in each region will culminate in a high-profile public performance with the young people playing alongside a full set by Bollywood Brass Band and Jyotsna Srikanth, giving young musicians the chance to play with professional musicians.

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Our aims are to:

  • Diversify brass repertoire
  • Promote brass playing and instrumental continuation
  • Give children the experience of playing with professional musicians
  • Engage parents by allow them to see children taking part in high quality performances.

The Progression Project follows on from Independence 2017, a partnership with Slough Music Hub and Music for Bedford and Middleton Youth Band.

Case Study – Music for Bedford Playing Day

Bedford Music Hub, one secondary and two primary schools, Bedford Town Band.

Bollywood Brass Band (BBB) delivered an interactive performance to 90 Year 7 children and a feeder primary school.

Performance and workshop by BBB:

  • Interactive performance to all participants: talking about Bollywood, describing the instruments and showing a Bollywood clip.
  • Workshop with First Access beginner brass: 70 children from Years 3 & 4 participated on trumpets, trombones and euphoniums; the children knew c 4 notes.
  • Pre-visit: children had been practising the three note version of Yeh Dosti (with backing track) with their brass teacher since a BBB pre-visit a few weeks earlier (by ear, no notation).

Evening concert
Separate performances from BBB, Bedford Town Band and from each First Access school group.

Finale: BBB and First Access groups played Chale Chalo together, BBB and Town Band played Rang de Basanti together, to finish all participants played Yeh Dosti together.

“It was a fantastic day. Thanks to you and to the band for all they did to enthuse and entertain the children.” David Rose, Head of Music Hub

‘I’ve never seen a real band before, in front of me!’ Year 4 participant

“I am emailing to give my congratulations to a fantastic performance that you did this week with my Lakeview School Year 3 Class. They absolutely enjoyed it and your solo performance was amazing.” Teacher

“Fab! What a great experience” Bedford Town Band member

Questionnaire to First Access children:
Would you like to carry on with your instrument next year?

Yes! 88%   Not really 5%   No 7%